Dig up, Plant up and Step up!

Civic Improvement Projects

Arlene Johnson, Karolyn Bates, Chairpersons


Civic Improvement (CI) is a core Oak Harbor Garden Club activity that adds value to the community.  CI is funded by up to fifty percent of the net proceeds realized from all fund raising projects each year. Civic improvement projects are funded from the proceeds of club projects such as our summer Garden Tour and Tea, Holiday Wreath Sale and Spring Plant Sale.  Members volunteer hundreds of hours work to produce these events, which provide the money to help us create a more beautiful city.

The goal of CI is to give opportunities for all members to participate in and to gain gardening knowledge.  This is accomplished through small beautification projects and working in designated city parks.  At these work parties there are members with varied gardening knowledge, giving an opportunity for members to learn from others and other members to share their expertise.

The CI chairpersons work with Club members and the Oak Harbor City Park Department to identify achievable small garden projects that will enhance or create a greater sense of beauty for the community. New projects are carried out if there are enough members committed to working on the specific project presented to the membership. The chairpersons schedule monthly work parties, routinely the 3rd TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, to work at two of our adopted parks, Hal Ramaley and Flintstone Parks, located on Bayshore Drive. Any club member may do clean up work at these two park locations any time, reporting their hours worked to a CI chairperson. Both the Club and the city receive yearly reports of our CI activities. Included in these reports are the number of total member hours contributed and the amount of funds spent.


We will continue to maintain our adopted park areas.

  • ​Hold monthly work parties welcoming members of all levels of garden interest and knowledge to educate members and beautify our community
  • ​Maintain our three adopted park areas. 
  • Create another pocket garden area in the Northeast corner of Hal Ramaley Park. 
  • ​Refresh Hal Ramaley Park by removing old plants and planting new ones. 
  • ​Re-design the Office Max containers our Club has adopted. 
  • ​Make our yearly CI donation to our community by planting a treeto celebrate Arbor Day. 
  • ​Meet deadlines for annual reports. 

In 2011 we designed 26 large container plantings at the request of the city parks director. We hope everyone enjoys the plants we chose and the designs we created in the streetscape that is a new Pioneer Way.