Dig up, Plant up and Step up!

Imagine - A Permaculture World

A 100% community built food forest garden on Whidbey Island
A project with the support from the city of Oak Harbor and the Oak Harbor Garden Club.

Gloria Morse, Chairperson

Imagine - A Permaculture World is a community built food forest garden located on Bayshore Drive in Oak Harbor.  It began in August 2013, on open grassy earth and has bloomed into a cornucopia of flowers, vegetables and other sustainable plants. Its purpose is to provide a place where anyone on the island can find fresh food and to be able to pick and harvest through most of the year.  At that time the food forest was only the second one of its kind in the US.
Led by our teacher Bruce MacClean, we have spent many Saturdays building a stone foundation, a cob wall, designing and planting.  With the help and support from the City of Oak Harbor and the Oak Harbor Garden Club we were able to purchase all the edible trees, shrubs, vines, herbs and berries that you see here today.
Our mission is to literally build from the ground up a 100% sustainable food forest with the purpose of serving the entire community around Whidbey Island. Join us in helping to change lives and give back natural resources we use everyday. The choices we make today not only affect everyone around us, but can create a renewable structure for generations to come.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the study, design & implementation of enduring functional sustainable & integrated systems that support our environment and it's people. 
Permaculture is based on three ethics:
  • Care of the earth
  • Care of the people
  • Returning the surplus back to the earth.
A permaculture food forest mimics nature by growing and supporting layers of canopy called "guilds" and is a seven to nine layer edible designed forest.  This garden is still under development.  It takes approximately two years to form the initial design process to completion of a functional and sustainable food forest.

How to Help

We are a group of like-minded volunteers serving the community by providing a food source for one and all. Our backgrounds are varied; we are everything from gardeners to teachers, to homeless youth and people in transition.
This project is built by volunteers. The land was donated by the City of Oak Harbor. Trees, plants and compost were donated by the Oak Harbor Garden Club. 
All are encouraged and welcome to join our Saturday work parties from 12-2pm. 
If you have questions about this project, contact us or Karen Mueller,
owner of The Wind & Tide Bookstore.

No person is too small to take part is this life changing project. We welcome
volunteers and will always accept any time you're willing to give us. Change can
only come from the awareness that we are all in this together. Contact us for
specific ways you can make a difference today.

The cob wall