Dig up, Plant up and Step up!

Judges & Life Members

NGC Accredited Judges

Judith Juno (Master), Sally Karg (Accredited)


Past President and Chairman of Advisory Council

Judith Juno

Recording Secretary

Anne Sullivan

Managing Editor of Washington Garden and Design

(Smoke Signals )

Judith Juno

Chuckanut District Judges Council

Judith Juno, Sally Karg

Chuckanut District Representative
Gloria Morse

Chuckanut District Representative to WSFGC Nominating Committee

Anne Sullivan-Delegate,  Judith Juno-Alternate

Life Member Nation Garden Clubs

Judith Juno

Life Members Pacific Region

Judith Juno

Life Members Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs

Judith Juno, Anne Sullivan,  Doris Wasilewski

Executive Board


Anne Sullivan

Vice President & 

Patty Cohick


Judith Juno


Candi Rohr

Recording Secretary

Denise Hubert

Corresponding Secretary

Connie Leonhardi