Dig up, Plant up and Step up!


National Garden Clubs Accredited Judges
Judith Juno (Master), Sally Karg (Accredited)


Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs
Past WSFGC President and Current Member of Advisory Council Judith Juno
WSFGC 2nd Vice President

Anne Sullivan
Managing Editor of Washington Garden and Design

Judith Juno 

Chuckanut District Representative to WSFGC Nominating Committee
Judith Juno—Delegate
Chuckanut District Judges Council
Judith Juno President, Sally Karg
Chuckanut District Representative
Anne Sullivan
City of Oak Harbor Representatives Park Board
Dee Harbour
Life Member—National Garden Clubs Life Members
Judith Juno
Life Members—Pacific Region Garden Clubs Inc.
Judith Juno
Life Members—Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs
Judith Juno, Doris Wasilewski, Anne Sullivan 

Pacific Region of National Garden Clubs


Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs


Chuckanut District


OHGC Support

  • WSFGC Chuckanut District Huxley College Scholarship

  • Oak Harbor Help House

  • Oak Harbor Education Foundation

  • WSFGC State Scholarship Fund

  • Hillcrest Elementary Jr. Gardeners

  • Oak Harbor Boys & Girls Club
    Oak Harbor Lions Club Flag Project

  • NGC Vision of Beauty Calendars

  • Civic Improvement

  • WSFGC Calendars


Pictured are the Garden Club Designers who donated their time to make 20 lovely dahlia center- pieces for the Oak Harbor Educational Foundation Breakfast on October 7, 2016. These centerpieces were sold to attendees, raising $800 for the Foundation. From left to right: Marge Scribner, Sally Karg, Cathy Horrobin, Sally Maylor, René Callies and Eleanore Melton.

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