Dig up, Plant up and Step up!

Oak Park Free Camp, later known as Smith Park.

Flintstone Park

The Garden Club celebrated its 90th birthday in 2013, and Flintstone Park was refreshed around the ‘Flintstone Mobile’ location on Bayshore Drive. A beautiful blue pot is now at Flintstone and was planted by our very talented “Pot Lady” Karen Bunnell.

John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool

Shade Garden

In Mar 2013, Claire Reed met with Director Bill Waker to find out what commitment he and his staff would make if OHGC invested time and money to help with landscaping. With assistance from the OHGC and a commitment to a good watering program they came up with a plant selection specifically adaptable to low water and low maintenance and suggestions to improve existing plantings. Additional plants were donated by Karen Bunnell and Claire Reed and over 100 plants were added to pool grounds and the planted areas were fertilized and mulched and completed in the fall of 2013, in time for our fall rains.

The Midway Triangle

 ‘Nora’s Garden’, a small perennial garden on Midway Avenue named after a former club president, Nora Knierim has been redesigned with the placement and planting of large decorative pots.  Pots will be maintained by the Club as part of the Adopt‐a‐Park Program.  This park is now referred to as  "The Midway Triangle".

Office Max and Oak Harbor Marina Pots

Several large stone planters at both the Oak Harbor Marina and along Hwy 20 near Office Max have been revived by club members with new plant selections.  Look how they have grown since planted in the spring!

Smith Park

The Oak Harbor Civic Improvement Club was organized on October 3, 1923. With a fine stand of native oak trees, Smith Park became a memorial to this group of women who had the block saved for future generations. Today, a gazebo stands among all the Garry Oaks and most recently the OHGC and the City of Oak Harbor have worked together to design and build a picket fence around the park

Smith Park signage​
There will be a ribbon cutting for the new Smith Park sign and Kiosk Dec 6, 2017  Wednesday at 2:00 pm. Please join us if you can. The City will also dedicate a few trees to past Park Board members, Tom Hawkins, Dee Harbour and Helen Chatfield weeks..

Whidbey Playhouse Garden

The curb appeal to the entrance of the Whidbey Playhouse has been revived with new plantings on either side of the walkway.  Large rhodies  were trimmed, shaped and the area cleaned up and refreshed.

Hal Ramaley Memorial Park

When Hal Ramaley retired from 30 years of teaching he turned his talents into beautifying Oak Harbor. When the city planned a storage shed on City Beach, Ramaley saw a big Dutch windmill that would forever stamp the town. “Gardening was one of his great loves and the Oak Harbor Garden Club adopted Hal Ramaley Park in 2001, under the City’s Adopt-A-Park program. A “work-in-progress” and our foremost gardening activity, the Garden Club continues to design, plant, and maintain this beautiful park for the Oak Harbor community. We selected new or unusual shrubs and perennial plants for this garden with great attention to form, fragrance and year-round color. We added some garden art and container gardens. The park is designed to have something blooming throughout the year so we encourage you to visit this lovely gardening monument in our community anytime—or maybe several times throughout the year! Hal Ramaley Park is located off Bayshore Drive, facing City Beach, across from the baseball fields.In 2010, our club was pleased to add a new gazebo, a substantial gift from the Oak Harbor Garden Club to the City of Oak Harbor. This 16’ vinyl and wood structure, topped with a copper eagle weather vane, is in Hal Ramaley Park for your use!

Christina, wife of Capt Edward Barrington inherited most of the land upon his death in 1883 which she began to sell off. Barrington had already begun to sell land to newly arriving Irish pioneers. Christina plotted out lots, setting aside the Oak Tree Park, now named Smith Park. This was in 1889.